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Hope in a Medical Ressurection of the Dead Body Cryonic Life Insurance Company Burial Plot Orders are being taken at this time The Cryonic Life Insurance Company is attempting to secure an Ice Field Cemetery in North America , Greenland location If you would like a free Ice Burial Plot, when available either in the Thule, US Airbase , Greenland area or Alert, Ellesmere Island , Canada. Please contact us

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hope in a Medical Resurrection of the Dead Body

Cryonic Life Insurance Company

Burial Plot Orders are being taken at this time

The Cryonic Life Insurance Company is attempting to secure a Ice Field Cemetery in North America , Greenland location

If you would like a free Ice Burial Plot, when available either in the Thule, US Airbase , Greenland area or Alert, Ellesmere Island , Canada. The Cryonic Life Insurance Company will be tendering $50,000 in Lawful Money gold notes, a Legal Tender US Code Title 12 sec 151-153 and US Code Title 31 sec 5103, for each proposed Ice Field Burial Cemetery to the local governments, for exspenses and study of Ice Burial sites. We hope to secure a large Ice Field near an Airport for easy transportation and taxi services.
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We plan on opening Cryonic Ice Burial Plots for the Public, within a few years, as soon as our Company's , Millions in Lawful Money gold notes are exchanged for deposit under US Code Title 12 sec 342, deposits of Lawful Money or at the US Treasury , but this may take some time.

Your Support will help promote the Science of Cryonics, that will provide people and civilizations with a little more comfort and Security from Death
Hope in a real medical resurrection one day is not a dream but based on fact.
Preserving the body after death through cryonic freezing or natural ice glacier burial provides people and civilizations with a real medical sense of a security from death and hope for living again.
Friday, August 20, 2004Affordable cryonic services at the Cryonic Institute for under $35,000 orArrange for Natural Ice Glacier Burial, Antarctica; Greenland, Alp mountainsjust Transportation costs@$1,500 toThule US Air Base, northern most airportin Greenland's Ice cap plus fees.The US Air base at Thule's camp Tulo; ice cavernsare a constant 14 degrees F.A burial box will naturally sink into the glacier icedue to the earth's gravity." -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Resurrection is the rising again from the dead, the resumption of life. "

Could this Bible prophecy be Cryonics ?

What does the Roman Catholic tradition and other faiths teach about the Resurrection of the Dead Body ?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------General Resurrection: The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XII 1911

GENERAL RESURRECTION : Resurrection is the rising again from the dead, the resumption of life. The Fourth Lateran Council teaches that all men, whether elect or reprobate, "will rise again with their own bodies which they now bear about with them" (cap. "Firmiter").

Below is a US Patent Application for:

by Rev Dan Izzo

United States Patent Application 20050027316
Kind Code A1
Izzo, Daniel Robert
February 3, 2005 -
Resurrection burial tomb AbstractA Resurrection Burial Tomb includes a means to preserve and revive Human Beings and provide power and power systems for the same, comprising of a container of preservation means, holding the suspended dead person's body and connected to electrical and energy apparatus systems contained in the Resurrection tomb and robotic machine workers that help maintain and work to revive the suspended Huamn Being; wherein the process provides power and security from death to living Human Beings being useful and novel, producing a less savage empowered child culture and machine parents. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------I------------------------------------------------------------
nventors: Izzo, Daniel Robert; (Syracuse, NY) Correspondence Name and Address: Reverend Daniel Robert Izzo512 Onondaga AveSyracuseNY13207USSerial No.: 161974 Series Code: 10 Filed: June 4, 2002 U.S. Current Class: 607/1 U.S. Class at Publication: 607/001 Intern'l Class: A61N 001/00
1) I the Reverend Daniel Robert Izzo, hereby claim the, "A Resurrection Burial Tomb" that is a novel means to revive a dead person's body from the grave; and providing a 1 little more security from an impending death; will preserve and prevent the human body from decay and will prolong the human life and tissue and return it into a conscious state, together with the means do do the same, and a means to produce energy, to do the same; comprising of: an artificial womb and a container with fluid having a crystal radio crown and antenna that connects to a radio and energy devices; wherein the deceased person is prevented from decay within said container and where energy is obtained from the radio crown that oscillates into the desceased person's nerves and brain and the entire contianer is within a building and tomb that is weather tight, wherein a nuclear device is used to generate electric energy and heat energy; wherein part of the dead person's bone is converted into a microprocessor and computer; wherein the computer and energy sources, drive a heart lung machine that keeps the dead person's remaining cell tissue alive, together with an artificial heart assistor pump; wherein the deceased person's bone will regain consciousness, using the material of their bone and artificial and organic means cosisting of human bone material; that is convertable into a computer and microprocessor, organically grown body parts; artificailly grown body parts; nerves a muscles; wherein the microprocessor will oscillate of the dead person, from the said bone material; being used will oscillated of the person's life frequency; together with artifically grown nerves and olfactory nerves that grow, reconstructed nerve patterns of the desceased person; together and cosisting of artificial and organically grown muscle; comprising of silicon and compounds to cause silicon and material mean to expand and contract with energy and force; and organic material; when a voltage of energy is applied; wherein the desceased person's skeleton remains, will be revived to consciousness, using collegen, a microprocessor, coversion to a computer consciouness, artificial muscle that expands and contracts with energy and force, artificial nerves that will allow the dead person's skeleton remants; to independently communicate new consciousness and thoughts; wherein the said microprocessor contains elements of human bone materials that will be able to convert itself into other electric circuit patterns, by inputing the desired pattern stored in its memory; such as imputting radio, for radio circuit, imputting oscilloscope for oscilloscope circuit; wherein said micropressor will recieve and transmitt input data and electric pulses, and will contain information, record data and monitor the burial tomb, comprising of a means to recieve and transmitt data and electric pulses; and contain information, record data and monitor, wherein said microprocessor comprises of: a sheet of flexible insulating plastic paper that contains an elargement of specailly painted and printed computer microchips; integrated electric circuits and having thousands of field effect transistors; capacitors and resistors; that was applied and formed with appliced layers of paint, wherein the sheet of plastic paper is coated with a complete layer of positively doped slicon substrate that is printed and painted in an electric circuit pattern of an insulating coat of silicon dioxide paint; thenan area containg the devices negatively charged electric areas, type-N, will be painted and printed; in a pattern for type-N areas, with a paint that contins silicon and germanium crystals and phosphorus with in the type-N semiconductor paint; wherein then the device's negatively charged electric areas will have extra free electrons and produces N-type, negatively charged electric current conduction; wherein then, another electric circuit pattern is then printed and painted that will conduct the P-type, positively charged electric semiconductor regions with a polysilicon paint that contains silicon, germanium, crystals and boron mixed in the paint; wherein the results of the paint leave gaps in the germanium crystal structure because there is not enough electrons to fill all of the spaces in the crystal and produces a P-type semiconductor patterned region for the device's positive electric current conduction; wherein then another layer of silicon dioxide is printed and painted in an electric circuit insulating pattern and shall have some holes for electric conduction and shall have a printed and painted aluminum or other electric conducting metal paint; applied on it in a circuit pattern and shall provide electric contacts that will recieve electric data pulses of either digital inputs or analog-to-digital converter inputs and the electric contacts will provide the device's digital output or the device's digital-to-analog data output, wherein the microprocessor's input of data will be able to store the data in the device's central processing unit; the device's random access memory; and the device's read only memory and are connected together within the device's address bus; data bus; and control bus and the device's bus system connects to the device's input and output connection; wherein the device can store the data for processing and the device turns data into processed results; into actions and diplays, wherein the enlarging of the pattern of the computer microchip electric circuit; integrated electric circuits, 100+thousands of field effect transistors; capacitors and resistors; and then applying the materials to create the same electric systems; painting and printing upon plastic paper, 100+thousand transistors; capacitors and resistors; on an altered xerography process using the aforementioned materials of plastic, silicon, silicon dioxide, polysilicon, germanium; phospherous; boron, crystals, metal, or painting the electric circuit patterns of the I/C; microprocessor-microchip; 100+thousand transistors, capacitors, resistors, circuits in and enlarged pattern; also by lithographic printing or offset cylinders containing the material of paint and the cicuit designs; or of the layer printing methods that print the materials without shorting the electric circuit, wherein the microprocessor can be altered and produce electric energy, and can be a photoelectric cell on top of the microprocessor and can be altered and have a parrellel along the circuits with arsenic, wherein a photoelectric effect takes place, producing electricity; wherein processes in the Ressurection Burial Tomb, and Conscious Revival System; having interactions therein wherein; prior domestic priorities of the inventor's; cosmic radiowave crown, a Portable Nuclear Powered Engine and Electric Generator; a Hydrualic Leverage Engine, a Microwave Hot Water Boiler Heating System; the Zinc-Carbon Pill and Transistorized Plastic Paper Computer, the Artificial Heart Assister Pump; the Artificial Muscle Robot; and the Thermionic Electron Electric Generator and Artificial Liver Ammonia Diffuser; interact in new and improved functions that preserve the deceased person's and offer a little more security from our deaths. and electric energy, and power systems; are used as a means to provide the process; wherein a small pump will circulate blood and fluid; that is attached to the person's arteries and veins; wherein when a person's heart fails to pump properly; the automatic device will sense this difunction; and will begin to pump and circulate oxygenated blood and fluid properly throughout the person's body tissues, if any, wherein the pumping system is powered electrically or nuclear energy; wherein the power source to circulate and pump blood fluis is connected to the device; wherein the device is connected to a person's blood ciculatory system and will maintain a fresh supply of oxygen to a deceased person's brain and body; wherein; medication and process of the Zinc-Carbon Pill electrophoresis compounds are used in the process for destroying microbes, fungi, bacteria and vival infection and clove leaf oil topicial paste for herpes virus, and protect the deceased person's tissues infection; wherein an enigine is used to provide the Resussection Burial Tomb; with a power source; wherein the Hydrualic Leverage Engine is used comprising of; a gasolin combustion chamber having gas therein; a diesel compression chamber having diesel gas fiel therein; a hydrualic pheumatic engine having gas therein; and ION engine having gas therein; a heat source within said housings which interacts with gas or fuel, or an energy source to provide output, a piston connected to the output of the energy or heat source; wherein; the piston will act upon a hydraulic jack piston pump and is connected to a lever bar and the lever bar rests upon a fulcrum point and bar, wherein the lever bar rests upon a fulcrum point and bar, wherein the lever bar acts upon a set of weight load pistons that connect to a crankshaft and the crankshaft is connected to a load bearing work wheel; and wherein the output of the energy or heat source shall cause and move the effort pistons to apply a small pressure upon the hydrualic jack piston pump that in turn will apply a larger force of pressure upon the lever bar, that in turn will apply an even larger force of pressure upon the weight load pistons that connects to the crankcase and crankshaft and workwheel; so that the crankshaft, under applied pressure of the effort pistions acting upon the hydraulic jack piston pump and lever bar acting upon the weight load pistons, turns a workwheel with much more force that was initally acted upon it from the energy source or heat source but at less distance, wherein the effort multiplied by the distance from the fulcrum, (effort pistons-lever bar ) equal the weight multiplied by its distance from the fulcrum (weight load pistons), wherein the Ressurection Burial Tomb has a workable engine for the interaction process; wherein the Zinc-Carbon Pill will prevent decay of the human person, wherein the process will electrocute viruses and other microbes within a human host and will explode viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microbes, like an overloaded electric light bulb, without destroying many human cells, with the ability to increase the natural electric current and voltage of a human being, with electro-chemical compounds and a process of electrophoresis; and electrocution and electrostatic activity; comprising of; elements of; zinc and its zinc oxides; zinc sulfides and zinc acetates and other zinc elements, carbon and carbon elements and can be in the form of carbonyl and its group, carboxyl and its group, carboxyl and its group and other carbon based elements, magnesium and its compounds and group, wherein the combining of these elements increases the electrical energy of a Human Being with chemical energy and can shatter and explode viruses, bacteria, fungus and other microbes and parasites that cause diseases and cell death of a Human Being, and can be applied also externally to a Human Host with the same effect together with these elements; Zinc; Carbon; Magnesium; Electrophoresis materials; adramycin; antineoplastic; antipan; arsenic; barium and its sulfides; benzyl; benzoic acid; benzoly peroxide; carbamazephine;carbolated campor, carbolic acid; cerumenolytic; daunomycn; hydrogen peroxide; hydrochloride; keratolic acid; magnesium; mithramycn; ozone; phenol red; phenylactetic acid carboxy; phenyl carbinol; pheny ethyl alchohol; phenylactetic acid carboxy; phenyl carbinol; pheny ethyl alcohol; phenyl meruric nitrate; piperdine; permathrin; dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate; pyrethrin; piperonyl butoxide; sodium; sodium hydrogen-carbonate; sodium perborate; suger; sulfa; sulfamide; penicillin; carben carbenicillin; radio chemicals; ultra-violet rays; electric jolts; negative ions; positive ions and water; wherein combining these elements increases and amplify the electrical energy of a host human inside the tomb chambers, to a safe level, but will explode with electric energy, viruses, bacteria, funguses and other microbes and parasites without damaging many Human cells and is obtained ny chemical energy and other energy forms and the process and treatment with cemicals can be in the form of liquids, solids, powders, pastes, pill gas and electric energy forms as light radiation energy and electro-static energy absorption means to prevent decay of the deceased person's Human cell life, and wherein the means for a communication device is used from the Citizen Band Free Public Radiowave Telephone System comprising an audio input, microphone, a frequncy programmer number pad to frequency crystal oscillator. a programmed radio frequency to signal number display, transmit and recieve antennas. a keyboard to computer input. a speaker, a video monitor, tv monitor, a fax machine/printer, a data input and computer storage data unit, electric plug input/output, telephone line for wire service, cable input/output wire, video/audio camera that is removable, a source of communication antennas for a radiowave reciever and transmitor and propagated radiowaves; wherein; the invention's Citizen Band Free Public Radiowave Telephone system's; audio input with cable wires; input amplifier, radio frequency amplifier, modulated amplifier or frequency amplifier, modulated amplifier or Frequency amplifier master oscillator, radio frequency amplifier, radio frequency amplifier; radio frequency amplifier, crystal oscillator that is programmable; antenna; pre-selection circuit; a frequency changer; intermediate frequency amplifier; frequency detector; low frequency amplifier speaker; antenna for reciever; local oscillator, will interact and function within the Resurrection Burial Tomb processes and radio crown; as a means for monitoring communication, entertainment fun and data; wherein the invention uses artificial muscles and produces electric current that is stored in the electric storage unit being maintained/operated by the "Artificial Muscle Robot" and its artificial hands having, artificial muscle that is connected to a frame with movable joints and the artificial hand is covered and protected with a material that permits movement, wherein the artificial muscle will expand and contract with force, using electric current by way of spring wires that is within the artificial muscle that is weaved and patterened and layered like a real human hand having sensors for input/output signals through a central joint palm, that has a computer brain with optical sensors and an input/output communication and recieves transmits radio communication and the robot has arms with artificial hands. wherein the robot is powered by a Portable Nuclear Powered Engine and Electric Generator other electric input means that move and perform work of Human hands tasks can perform to maintain and work for the Resurrection Burial Tomb work functions; wherein the Hydraulic Pneumatic Engine and the "Microwave Hot Water Boiler Heating System with a thourium plated magnetron (2) energy systems, using steam from the microwave hot water boiler to drive and help turn the hydrualic pneumatic engine and electric generator wherein the Artificial Muscle Robot assists in the operation of the tomb's hydraulic pneumatic engine and microwave hot water boiler heating energy system. wherein the Lever Engine c covert 1 ton of torque into 4 tons without gear/transmission for the invention's work functions and other electric systems comprising of the Thermionic Electron Electric Generator, having a power source, cathode, cesium, thorium, container with magnetic force inside, and a high voltage anode chamber with argon gas inside for output, wherein the input of 10 watts of electric power is amplified to about 100 watts of electric power output, for energy creation, and the invention's Hydraulic Pneumatic Engine used for work functions and comprising of thePortable Nuclear Powered Engine that mitts less radiation than 3 tv sets and is used for work functions and electric power generation. wherein; the invention's rebuilding and preseving Human persons who are deceased or suspended or are being revived into normal function, uses the same means of cryogenic presevation, in the U.S. South Pole, Antartican territory and the invention comprises of an "Artificial Womb" coverted from an oxygen petrofusion machine, wherein the Human's cells are preserved/protected and can grown into normal function, wherein a means of a Human bone being cyrstalized and coverted into a computer microprocessor, for an "Artificial Muscle Robot" consciousness and for some normal function. and a means for a Human person inside a container that is filled with a prevervative medium that prevents decay and who is wearing a cyrstal radio crown to hear the living, awaiting the day of resurrection, wherein the invention comprises of the Thermionic Electron-Electric Generator that is used to generate the invention's electric power, that comprises of; containment inside a sealed tube containg a source of input power that heats a thorium tungsten nichorme wire that is inside another sealed tube that contains cesium gas that generate electrons, wherein a thoriated platinum cathode obtains emitted electrons and emits more electrons inside a magnetic field having cobalt magnets, wherein an anode collects the elctrons and sends them to a argon gas ionizer chamber having argon gas therein wherein high voltage electric is present that ionizes the radiation of the argon gas and causes electrons to rush to one electron and positively charged ions to the other electrode and positively charged ions to the other electrode; wherein the electrons join other electrons emitted from the anode at the negative electrode as the radiation and high voltage causes an electric current within the device and sends it to the increased electric output to the invention's electric current supply wherein the invention comprises of an electric generator having radioactive cobalt 60 magnets, and depicts radioactive cobalt 60 magnets that cause electrons to move faster than iron magnets and produces more electric output per calorie than iron magnets and its output is increased by high voltage argon gas ionization inside the electric generator, wherein radioactive cobalt field structure magnets create a magnetic field; wherein coils of wire are mounted so that they can be spun around in a magnetic field with mechanical energy input; wherein the entire device is inside a vacuum tube that is filled with a gas and charged to a very high voltage wherein the radioactive cobalt 60 ionizes the gas spading the elctrically neutral gas into positively charged ions and negatively charged electrons wherein; the positive ions rush to one electrode and the electrons rush to the other electrode wire, wherein this triggers an electric current from one electrode to the other, while the mechanical energy input turns the wire coil electrode and creates electrical output between the cobalt 60 magnetic field magnets wherein magnetic force and ionized gas of radioactive cobalt 60 magnets make electrons move in the wire coil generating an electric current output, and a means for the invention's electric systems connected to the invention's electric wiring that provides amplified electricity; wherein the Thermionic Electron Electric Generator are a source of amplified electric power to the invention's wiring wherein the invention comprises of devices that convert heat energy into electric current wherein the invention comprises of a Microwave Boiler, converting thorium/uranium electrons into microwave energy said magnetron microwave device, said microwave magnetron and a klystron thats cathodes and andoes are plated with thorium and uranium and whose magnets are of radioactive cobalt., wherein the invention's microwave emitting device shall be improved by plating the magnetron's electric cathode with thorium and uranium that is radioactive, the anode is of magnatizable metal, radioactive cobalt, nickel or iron and the anode is plated with radioactive metal; wherein the operation of the invention's magmetron, a high D-C potential is applied between cathode and anode, setting up a radial electric field, wherein the combined forces cause electrons to take a spiral path and when the magnetron, the electric oscillations of the magnetron resonators set up an A-C electric field across the resonator gaps, wherein the thorium and uranium metal cathode, magnetic metal anode of cobalt and plated with radioactive metal, in the magnetron sets up an increase in spiraling reactions when an electric current is applied and causes the magnetron output current to be many times the electric input of the invention's magnetron, and the invention, comprises of electric devices converting thorium uranium, cesium tungsten, nichrome, and argon gas atoms interacting and generating electron emissions into electric energy, and using mechanical energy input and obtaing a greater energy output of electric energy, the invention's, Thermionic Electron-Electric Generator, that coverts a smaller energy power input into a larger electric energy output wherein; the invention's devices converting heat energy and electro magnetic energy into a larger electric energy output, wherein the invention's devices converting a smaller electric energy input into a larger heating calorie output for room tomb air radiant heat, wherein the invention's devices converting thermionic emissions into a larger radiant energy output, wherein; the invention's devices using cobalt magnets and mechanical energy together with high voltage ionized argon gas to provide an output of electric energy. wherein; the invention's devices using cobalt 60 magnets, wherein the invention's devices using rare earth elements to increase the power output, wherein the invention's devices converting electric input into mechanical output, wherein the invention's "Artificial Liver and Ammonia Diffuser" for cirrosis treatments with blood clotting restorability; comprising of a container having an input tube containing Human Blood with toxins that is filtered with a calcium filter (2) that circulates and moves the blood/fluid with an electric pump and mixes plasma fluid input and connects into and restores blood clotting; a settling tank that connects into another calcium filter tank that then sends the filtered blood that has its clottability restored; into another tank wherein the blood is again filtered (2) and slightly heated in the unit tank where the blood is again filtered and slightly heated in the unit tank; wherein the slight heating and calcium mixes with the Human blood and causes ammonia toxins to diffuse into a vent and the blood is sent through a connecting pipe into a cooling unit and filters down to remove any extra calcium and cools the blood and fluid and sends the cleaned of toxins blood/fluid into a storage tank and a output tube for use if a Human Being and final testing to insure toxin material removal, before being used to the person in need, and said processes interact within the invention for an outcome; wherein the invention comprises of a "Portable Nuclear Powered and Electric Generator" that comprises of a Stirling type engine; wherein the invention's engine having a doubled walled capsule cylinder that is filled with helium gas and contains a floating piston at the top of the floating piston is a pellet of radioactive material that heats the helium to about 1,200 degrees F., where this very hot helium expands rapidly, then forcefully drives down the piston to the bottom of the cylinder where the tempature is almost 1,100 degrees F., lower and as the piston moves down it forces some of the gas out through a valve in the cylinder floor near the spring bellow and the floating piston acts and pushes against the upper hydraulic jack piston and the upper hydraulic jack piston will push against the helium resvoir and will compress the helium gas and pushes against the helium resvoir and will compress the hydraulic fluid resevoir tat will force the hydraulic jack plumps lower hydraulic pistons that will force and act upon a larger load than was or b acted upon it, and will push this force against the crankcase that will turn and urn the load bearing work wheel and the invention's oil pan is filled with oil and the work wheel will turn an electric generator and the entire device is contained inside of a magnetic bottle that has a coil of a magnetic field metal and the magnetic bottle is contained in a ceramic box that is covered with lead plates an a battery is used to hold the electric current in storage for use of the electric systems of the invention, to provide an electric source for the invention; wherein; wherein the invention's "Portable Nuclear Powered Engine and Electric Generator" shall also comprise of and consisting of a Tidal regenerator engine that has a double walled capsule cylinder, containg a signal computer that si an electromagnet (29) that is activated to attract another magnet and the movement expands a bellows (22a) that forces a little water up a tube into a water boiler where heat from a radioactive source and a thorium plated magnetron maser protected by a window of quartz will vaporize water into steam and the steam is heated further inside of a super heater tube and the steam then pushes another bellows that, in turn, sends a pulse of hydraulic fluid through the hydraulic jack piston pump and will compress the hydraulic piston that will force and act upon a larger load than was originally acted upon it, and also force a lever and together will push this force agaist the crankshaft that will turn and turn the load bearing work wheel and the engine's oil pan is filled with oil and the work wheel will turn an electric generator and the entire engine is contained in a ceramic box that is covered with lead plates and barium plates and the ceramic box is located within a cement molded building and shall contain barium radiation absorbers and power extinguishers that shall discharge and absorb radiation when the extinguishers sense radiation leakage, wherein electric and power is produced for the invention; wherein; the invention's, comprises of a :cylinder housing operating inside of a magnetic bottle that is contained in a ceramic box that is covered with lead plates and barium plated and is located within a cement premolded building that contains the barium radiation absorbers and powder extinguishers, wherein the invention's "Portable Nuclear Powered Engine and Electric Generator" cylindrically shaped housing having water and a source of electric power to be amplified and converted into microwave energy and a source of generating microwave energy having its magnetron cathode tubes plated with radioactive nuclear materials as a source of amplifying the cathode rays that will be coverted into microwave energy to provide an output and a computer that uses either cable wire and or transmits data by radio waves and television KHZ-MHZ-GHZ waves to a radio and television reciever that is connected to a computer that is connected to a magnetic video/audio tape recorder for recording computer data inexpensively, wherein 1 vhs magnetic tape can hold 1.5 gigabytes of computer data, wherein the invention's "Portable Nuclear Powered Engine and Electric Generator", cylindrically shaped housing and thorium plated magnetron that emits microwave energy and a magnet recieving cosmic radiowaves and converting the energy into usable electric current by using a crystal radioset with an antenna sensitive at collecting radiowave energy and using and storing it inside of a battery and the cosmic radiowaves shall also be recieved and recorded on magnetic tape and stored for anaylsis of fluctuations and data pulses inside of the unit's audio-video recorder and accessed by the computer key code 2) A Thermionic Elecron Electric Generator and Artificial Ammonia Diffuser as defined in claim 1 and in the specification, in which very low energy input creates a higher energy output. 3) Microwave Hot Water Boiler Heating System as defined in claim 1 and in the specification, in which low energy input creates a higher energy output. 4) A Portable Nuclear Powered Engine and Electric Generator as defined in claim 1 and in the specification, in which low level nuclear energy input creates a steady means of power, for charging batteries and providing electric current. 5) A Hydrualic Leverage Engine as defined in claim 1 and the specification; wherein 1 unit of input work is converted into 4 units of output work using a lever and hyraulic jacks. 6) The Zinc-Carbon Pill and Transistorized Plastic Paper Computer as defined in claim 1 and the specification, wherein microbes, viruses, bacteria and fungi are electrocuted without much human cell destruction, and information data is stored. 7) The Artificial Muscle Robot as defined in claim 1 and the specification wherein, the transistorized plastic paper computer is used a the cpu and the power souce is a portable nuclear powered engine and electric generator. 8) The Artificial Heart Assistor Pump as defined in claim 1 and the specification wherein a energy source is used to provide an output. 9) The Citizen's Band Free Public Radiowave Telephone as defined in claim 1 and the specification, wherein the transistorized plastic paper computer is used for radio propagation. 10) A Resurrection Machine and Consciouness Revival System as defined in claim 1 and the specification is incorporated with the Resurrection Burial Tomb, to provide output.
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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION [0004] 1. Field of the Invention [0005] This invention pertains to processes and devices that provide power and security from death, and more particularly, a noble branch or field thereof; known in psychoanalysis as an empowerment means that relieves some fears of eternal death and the anxiety about the same, together with devices to empower people who lack independent power sources. [0006] 2. Background Information [0007] In order to provide background information so that the invention maybe completely understood and appreciated in its proper context, reference may be made to a number of prior art patent and applications of the inventor as follows.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION [0008] It is another princple object of the invention; to provide the present Human Community, being sadomasocistic by nature; (re; cruel world, death and taxes; master-slave; cop-robber; landlord-tenant; schoolmaster-pupil; boss-worker etc.); with a more fun and better, self supporting prolonged Child Culture having Robot Parents and energy sources to empower the same; (re; man and machine), the inventor believes that this is the next progression in Human development, wherein goverment makes its own tax es from gold coins transmutated from neutron bombarded lead and engineers a sort of made-made heaven; wherein the work is play and fun, inpart. Psychoanalysis shows that the 3 main issues that human beings deal with are issues of 1) Power, (food, heat, ect.) 2) Sex Gratification, (creation of children) 3) Security from Death. (religion tales anxiety relief, peace ect.) because they have survival value. This invention attempt provide human beings with issues; (1) Power; and a little more of issue (3) Security from Death.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------below are other science works from Br Dan Izzo, the author:
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Gravitational Instability Cosmological Theory on the Formation of the Universe.

When did motion first start ?

Science knows the formation of matter in our universe was caused by the forces of the universe.

These forces are:

(1) The Force of Gravity

(2) The Force of Electro Magnetism

(3) The Strong Nuclear Force

(4) The Weak Nuclear Force


At some point in time, motion within the universe, had to begin.

The paradox would be, what force could cause motion to begin, without moving in its present space-time ?The Gravitational Cosmological Theory of the formation of the Universe is a theory I developed that is rooted in theEinstein and the Bondi-Gold-Hoyle Steady State theories , wherein the Steady State theory the universe contains more protons than electrons that create dust particles and galaxies formed in their current locations and the cosmic matter is recycled therein at the center of the galaxy furnace.When the Universe started to fall:The Gravitational Instability Cosmological Theory on the Formation of the Universe.

The Theory:

(1) The expansion of the universe is a result of the " heat ' contained therein;

(2) The source of the " heat " is the cosmic microwave radiation backround at 3 kelvin,wherein;

(3) The microwave electro magnetic-nuclear energy was formed as a result of the interaction of two different static gravitational vacuum fields, causing gravitational instability and the motion, void of matter, at this time, wherein; static gravitational field (1) began to go into "motion".

Therefore; only (2) static gravitational vacuum fields alone, being void of E=MC^2could create E=MC^2; and the matter of the Universe.

Q: When did this motion start?

A: If a neutral particle is able to resist the universal motion, in theory, that particle would go back in time. Going back in time the neutral particle would then enter into (1) of the (2) motionless-static gravity vacuum fields void of motion, and cause an unbalance and gravitational instability and this interaction would create motion and energy particles.

Q: What causes a gravitational static vacuum field in the first place ?

A: Pressure force is used to create a vacuum on Earth, perhaps an exotic something 100,000 times weaker than the force of gravity decays causing a static gravity vacuum field.

Theory by Rev Daniel Izzo
512 Onondaga AgeSyracuse,
New York 13207 July 2002

Cosmic Radio Signals can be polarized at 91mhz (fm); 160mhz (vhf); 610 mhz ( on channel 78uhf-tv) by keying a cb microphone over a radio receiver set on these radio channels with your home equipment.These are known cosmic radio sources from outerspace fromAnnual Review of Astrophysics and Astronomy 1966 editor Leo Goldberg.Facts : A lot of the static snow that you recieve is your non cable uhf tv; is cosmic radio signals......many elements naturally emitt radio pulses whern excited; You can polarize these signals with CB radio Microphonebuy keying the transmitting CB microphone over the speaker of a recieving radio set at 91 mhz..(91fm)..160 mhz..(160 vhf radio)..and transmit the spacey sound you hear to a recieving TV set at channel 78 UHF tv.....then you will see a ATT type of symbol..and see the oscillations and fluctutations of the cosmic radio signal that has been just polarized.....personally I think 160 vhf artifically generated.....since it oscillates odd.....if intelligent life has learned to genrate radio signals within our galaxy....the odds are in our favor.we are recieving they recieve our signals from 50+ years ago.......that energy is bouncing off our heads now. I have recieved a strange CBS eye symbol on my TV after I did this, It wasn't CBS's was gold on the edge, with a green center eye and purple round about the eye..but for this happened a circular rainbow image formed.then out of the cloud the CBS eye appeared.the eye looked like a lizards eye.....real spooky.I called CBS in NY, and they don't know why they pick that symbol..(~) after some research.there was a " CBS" electron gun.made for TV picture tubes in the 1950' maybe back in the early days of engineers must have recieved this same signal.Cosmic Magnetic Force & God Bless You from:Cryonic Life Insurance CompanyDept of General ResurrectionRev Daniel Izzo512 Onondaga AveSyracuse, NY 13207

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